Satyr Prototype in Clay
Isabella Rudzki, 2022, Berlin

Isabella Rudzki’s core ultimately reveals the need for an instinctive way of shaping materials and a genuine process of manufacturing her product. All prototypes are sculpted by hand. Cast pieces carry on the material's natural texture and its very own characteristics in their final shape. For every piece to come out uniquely and as an organic body of work. They make visible the elegance of coincidence and imperfection we highly embrace.

Sustainability and a worthwhile community are at the heart of the company. Therefore, the brand has been collaborating with suppliers that comprehend and demand commitment to ecological and economic balance.

For our jewelry, we are working with manufacturers in Berlin and Pforzheim, Germany. Carefully selected ateliers that are devoted to crafting fine jewelry in a durable and sustainable manner ever since. All leather pieces and accessories are individually sourced and hand-made with small tanneries and artisanal workshops in Mexico City.

Apart from the collection, Isabella Rudzki continuously exhibits found objects and peculiar things from different times and places. As keepers of authentic stories, they are a source of inspiration and make a part of the purchasable collection.