Leony wears iR

Strong and creative women are a great source of inspiration for the creation of magical fashion pieces. Not only in the process of designing we have these icons - the story is not yet told until a beautiful soul brings the designs to life.
German singer Leony wears our pieces like no other.


Top & Coat by Isabella Rudzki




Lobster Necklace by Isabella Rudzki


Magic Hands Earrings by Isabella Rudzki




Retro Square Earring by Isabella Rudzki


Muse: Leony @leonymusic
Photographer: Viktor Schanz @viktorschanz
Light: @karim.rieg
H&M: @paula_bethge
Styling: Jennifer Mertens @jenmertensstyle
Styling Assistants: Praise Iyanu Feyishayo @praisesology & Isabella Rudzki