By The Sea - A Fairytale

Once there was a foreign planet covered with water. Rare creatures lived there, surrounded by the rays of a morning sun which was never going down. Beautiful coral torsos were floating in the pink-golden swirling sand and whispered enchanting things to the ones who passed by. Wondrous one-eyed fish adored to observe them and whenever a stranger got lost they showed them the way with their omniscient eye. A mouth they didn´t have because all they needed to survive was to absorb beautiful images. And in the paradisiacal expanse of the water planet they remained well nourished.

A mermaid lived there, at the bottom of a moonstone grotto, where the swirling seaweed created a gloomy green light. In the silence she sat on a stone, singing the saddest songs, combing her endlessly long hair before tieing it to a net. Little starfish got attracted by its silky shimmer, so that the mermaid could catch them for supper.
She was bonded to this lonely place since the egg she hatched from fell into the deepest crack. Down there, only her hair wedged between the sharp rocks. At the time she realised she was being held back by her hair, her body no longer fit through the narrow opening to release the ends of her hair. From then on she made a living in the suffocating silence of this lonely place she was attached to.

One day a huge fire red crab hovered awkwardly down to her to sharpen his monstrous scissors on the moonstone wall. Seeing this as a fateful encounter, she asked him to free her by cutting her hair. In the time the mermaid hopefully waited for her new life, the crab could not stop cutting and -instead of the last three strands- parted her body into two pieces. A vast number of white pearls emerged from the body pieces and got dispersed all over the sea. The mermaid was still alive, and the one who could free her would have three wishes.

On the other side of the water planet, a silver magician found a pearl. In it he saw 1001 souls whose life had been taken by a mermaid. The silver magician had the strength not to fall for her, so he travelled for seven days and seven nights to find her and make the three wishes.
When he finaly arrived at the moonstone grotto, to his horror he saw gigantic hands moving around the desireable individual. They seemed to come from the water surface on their search for magic, expecting the miraculous pearls to be an immeasurable wealth of ideas, the most precious commodity of all. A gruesome green hand spotted the unique sea creature and began to pull on it, so the silver magician quickly grabbed the last remaining strand of her hair and broke it in his silver hand.

He realized that saving the mermaid´s life and protecting his empire from the looters was so much more important than his own desires. And just like that he wished the mermaid would turn into a dark coral - so big that she could seal the entrance to the grotto with her branches to keep all the intruders away forever.
The mermaid‘s soul inside the dark coral began to feel deep satisfaction about the new existence. Numerous underwater creatures came to build their nest in the coral´s  branches and filled up the moonstone grotto with life until the end of their time.

Frida sat by the water and looked dreamily at her reflection in the shining waves. When she painted, she thought about how much she wanted to create a realm for herself and for all the beings out of her dreams. Her ideas were her secret friends. Had she known that with every brush stroke she brang them to life beneath the water surface, she would never have stopped painting.